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The Little Ones: the Many Tales of the Superfamily: Part 16

By SabriAleelLena


Chapter 16: The Bana Ways


Notes: I like this chapter. Just sayin’ lol. I kind of ended it really quickly but I’m sure in their minds it wasn’t quick.


“Diana what are you doing?” Kal found her in the temple of Hippolyta’s preserved body and she was kneeling as she held her blood stained hands in her white gown. She felt little Jon fussing and she held him with her red hands. Kal didn’t understand what she was doing kneeling down with blood on her hands in the dark room. There wasn’t any glass or weapons in the room.

“Mom?” Lara said aloud and Diana didn’t say anything. She looked as if she were in a trance. Her eyes were staring into the ground and she wasn’t blinking. “Diana!” her husband called her name several times and shook her but nothing happened. Artemis and Phillipus stood at the doorway trying to peer through to see what was going on.

“Diana….” She kept hearing in her mind but her mouth wouldn’t let her speak. She could hear a male voice saying her name but she wasn’t there. She was in a different state of mind.

“Diana,” she heard this voice this time and her eyes glowed bright gold and she looked up.

“What the hell? Is she possessed or something?” Lara shouted as she saw her mother’s eyes turn gold and would instantly blind you if you bore eye contact with her. She still held Jon in her hands and her eyebrows rose higher and higher. Her face turned ghostly pale and then her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she fell backwards. Kal caught her in time and she had her eyes closed and her mouth open as if she were dead. “Dad! What is wrong with her? Is she dead?” Lara came to hit Diana’s face slightly and she smacked her hand but it was clear she was still alive.

“Diana,” that voice again came into her mind and it was a female’s voice. It repeated three times and Diana awoke in her mind. She saw her mother in her mind and she glowed brightly. “Mother!” she held her hands and smiled wryly.

“Oh, Diana,” Hippolyta held her daughter’s cheek and Diana held her mother’s hand. Her hands still stained red and began to dry on her scales of skin.

“I miss you so much, mother,” Diana told her and a tear dropped from her bottom lashes and onto her gown. Hippolyta lifted Diana’s chin up. “You mustn’t cry. Amazon Queens don’t cry,” she reminded her. Diana felt like a child again; her mother giving her advice to be brave. “Are you coming back to Themyscira?”

Hippolyta leveled with Diana and helped her up. “You are not where you think you are Diana. Be careful of your surroundings and the ones who are around you.” Her eyelids lowered and Diana didn’t understand. “What do you mean, mother? I don’t know what you’re talking about. My surroundings? We are on Themyscira. You’re here with me, and…” she stopped and looked around her and nobody was with her. They were in the temple and there were stone walls with that glass tank behind Hippolyta. “Where is everybody? I heard them come in. They were here. I don’t understand! Mother make me understand!”

The deceased Queen took her daughter’s hands and held them tightly. “Diana, I cannot tell you much but what I can tell you that you should know when you have been deceived.”

“Deceived?” Diana shook her head and looked at her mother’s hands. “What?”

“People who you trust may not be who they seem.”

“Mother I don’t understand.”

“Use your wisdom, Diana.”

“Why don’t you tell the others about this logic? Maybe they’ll understand it more than I am right now.”

“Diana they can’t see me. You’re passed out.”

Diana stopped and thought backwards of what she was doing. She remembered coming into the temple by herself or she had a sudden urge to come to the temple unattended.

She stepped inside the temple and found herself staring at her once crowned mother. Her favorite person she looked up to and also the most hated person she could be. She once hit Kal-El for his behavior and when she first became pregnant with Lara, Hippolyta didn’t speak to either of them for the first three days. She came around, though and that made Diana smile. Ever since then she’s been supportive of Diana’s children and she felt a sense of sorrow in Diana’s heart that she will never get to know Jon. She placed her hand on her child and closed her eyes only feeling angst of her mother not being alive.

“Oh my,” Diana said and Hippolyta waited for her to say something more.

“Yes?” the deceased mother said and Diana looked at her. “You aren’t real,” she pointed at her. “You’re not real. You’re not here. I’m not here.” She put her hands on her head and Hippolyta folded her arms.

Diana shot up and gasped for air and Kal and Lara waited by her side and she looked at her hands and they were clean and clear. “Mom you’re alive!” Lara hugged her mother and Diana gripped onto Lara’s hair.

“Blood. I had blood on my hands,” Diana said as she graced her finger tips on her palms. Kal looked at Lara and then at Diana.

“No Diana, there’s no blood. Are you alright?” he stroked her head and she nodded her head.

“My mother spoke to me. I was passed out.”

“Uh, we know. We found you passed out on the floor.”

She was very confused now. “No you didn’t. I had blood on my hands and you all were here when I passed out and I had blood on my hands and gown. The baby was really fussy and kept kicking me.” Thoughts raced through her mind and she started to get dizzy from her thoughts.

Kal picked her up gently, “I think you should stay away from this room, Diana.”

Artemis stood at the doorway and guards, she and Phillipus bowed their heads as they passed by them. Phillipus was across the doorway from Artemis and she glared evilly at her. “Artemis you are a cunning woman,” she walked by her. Artemis’s jaw opened wide.

“General! What gives you the right to accuse me of such opinion?”

“Your words spew vomit just as a dragon spews fire from its belly,” Phillipus kept walking and Artemis grabbed her arm.

“How dare you! Why do you say such hatred things to me, Phillipus? What have I done to you?”

“Don’t act innocent, Artemis. Ever since you met that so called daughter of yours things have been out of order here. Queen Diana has been not feeling herself and she has been convinced that her mother in that temple isn’t really her! Zosima is a bad woman! You should have known or were you too blind to see behind her guiltless beauty?”

Artemis was disgusted by the General’s words and she threw her fist in the air and she whipped out an Egyptian dagger and took Phillipus to the floor. Phillipus looked at the blade and then back up to Artemis’s eyes. “What do you think you’re doing Artemis?” she asked and Artemis was breathing heavily as she sat on the General’s hands so she couldn’t escape. “Your Bana is showing.” A smirk came along.

She held the blade and soon her eyes revealed a hate inside in them. “What are you going to do? Kill me? Is that what Hippolyta raised you to be? A killer like Antiope? Is that why she took you in? Because you were a lonely mother who needed a place to escape from her problems. Is that why she had faith in you and made you the combat leader of Themyscira? Is that why Diana trusts you to be her advisor? You can’t kill me, Artemis. You don’t have the will to and if you do then shame on your soul.”

Artemis’s eyes relaxed and she let go of her dagger and curled up like a bug and Phillipus knelt beside her and then stood tall. “That’s what I thought,” she had the dagger in her hands and dropped it next to Artemis as she was curled up. She walked away and Artemis felt the need to shed tears as she left but she didn’t.

Diana was in the workroom with Artemis and Phillipus as they were discussing files that needed to be handed in. She began cramping immensely, as she held herself up; wincing in pain Artemis grabbed her waist and let her down to the floor gently. Her hands soaked in her own blood from her gown and her tears made a river on her face.

“No!” Diana shouted and shot up from her pillow and Kal looked up to see her looking around the room. She felt her belly with her hands to see if the baby was still incased in her womb and she was breathing heavily, almost sweating.

“Diana, what’s the matter?” he came next to her in the dark and she felt as if she couldn’t answer him.

“Blood, a lot of blood,” she answered and he didn’t understand. “Was this like the time in the temple?”

Diana got out of the bed, “Kal, I saw blood! It was on my hands. I felt the warmth of my own blood on my hands and in the temple I felt the blood start to dry in the creases of my palms!” she was pacing back and forth in the room and he turned on the light and rubbed his eyes. He could see that she was in a great deal of….insanity! She rubbed her hands and kept looking at them and talking to herself in her native language.

“Diana, dear,” he told her but she didn’t stop pacing. “Diana,” still no answer, “Diana!” finally she turned and looked at him. “What do you mean you felt blood? Why do you keep having these awful thoughts?”

“My mother…came to me in a vision –in the temple. I saw her, I held hands with her. We talked, I felt blood, I felt Jon, I woke up and nobody was there.” She shook her head slowly and he was trying to comprehend her words. “Diana we were right there when it all happened.”

“No, no!” she closed her eyes and held his hand in a tight grip, “I passed out and you came then. I thought you were there with me before I passed out. My hands were soaked in blood and my eyes,” she stopped.

“Your eyes?” he looked at her and she stared straight forward. “My eyes turned gold,” she placed a hand on her left cheek. “And then she appeared.” Slowly her head turned to face her husband and his discombobulated facial expression.

“I think you need to see Epione, Diana.” He grabbed her and she yanked her arm away from him. “WHAT? You think I’m psycho don’t you? I’m not! I’m not going to see Epione! Kal why don’t you believe me? I’m not crazy.”

He sighed, “Diana you’re wearing my patience thin,” he held his hand out for her to get out of bed but she folded her arms. “Diana!”

“No!” he picked her up and she was kicking her legs trying to get free. Lara heard her mother screaming in the hallway and she got out of bed as Thomas was sleeping like a baby; undisturbed.

“Put me down!” she broke free of his arms and she landed on the floor, whipping her hair out of her face and fixing her gown. “Well you’re free, happy now?” Kal was displeased with her behavior. He knew she was stubborn but now she’s being ridiculous.

Lara crept behind a large column in the marble halls and there were her parents, fighting over something.

“Kal don’t you understand!” she held her head in her hands, “That was my own blood! I lost Jon in my visions! He was gone! For whatever reason I do not know but he died!” she had teary eyes and he was shocked to hear this. Lara gasped and then held her hand over her mouth.

Persephone, the one with blonde hair, walked down the hall and caught Lara peering at her parents from a distance. She nudged her elbow. “Princess,” she bowed her head. Lara gasped as she was in shock. Her eyes watered and she was speechless. The guard, Persephone, was worried for the Princess and all Lara could do was go back to her room and shut the door. Diana and Kal turned their heads as they heard the door slam.

Diana looked at her husband, “This is all, your fault!” she tapped his chest with her finger and Kal pointed at himself. “My fault?” he couldn’t believe what she just said.

Lara crawled into bed and Thomas woke up to hear his wife whimpering as she was curled in a fetal position. “Lara?” he put his arm around her and she didn’t say anything. “Do you wanna talk about it?” he rubbed her shoulder and she turned to face him. He was surprised by her red watery eyes. “Thomas what would you do if we lost a baby; our baby?”

He didn’t quite get what she was talking about. “Are you trying to tell me something?” he asked and she smiled. “I’m not pregnant don’t worry, but what would you do?” He thought, “Well I don’t really know, Lara,” he paused, “I know you’d be pretty upset, but since it’s not happening I don’t know what to think.” His accent soothed her into a warm smile and she went back to thinking of her mother talking to her dad about baby Jon. Her smile turned to a frown again. “Lara there is something bothering you. What is it?” “Nothing, I guess,” she heard her mother talking in the hallway and her dad was not listening to her very well like he usually does.

“You don’t comprehend my words, Kal!” Diana yelled at her husband and he sighed. She walked down the three steps and kept walking towards the balcony. “Where are you going now?” he asked her. She stood at the balcony and held her chest with her hands and closed her eyes. He watched her and she just stood there like a brick wall. There was rain droplets falling on their faces and she didn’t seem to care or even notice much. He came to her and tried to ease tension and put his arms around her and suddenly they were interrupted by a young one. Kal whispered in his wife’s ear, “Someone is here.” “Who?” she whispered back. Little Vasili was rubbing his eyes and Diana turned to see him in his pajamas and she smiled. “You should not be up,” she bent over and picked him up as they walked back inside to sit in the lounge room where it was quiet but yet dark and randomly the room were lit by lightning from the storm. “Why are you up?” Kal asked him.

“You and mommy were saying loud stuff and I woke up,” the parents looked at each other and had read each other’s minds without saying a word. “We’re sorry,” Kal said and Diana nodded her head. “And Lara was crying. I heard her.” Diana narrowed her eyes. Curse that super hearing of theirs. “Oh for Hera’s sake! Minus well wake the whole island with my yelling!” she stood up and slapped her thighs and Vasili leaned down making him look even smaller next to her. Kal told his son to go back to bed and he would check on him in a few minutes. Diana started spewing Greek words out of her mouth as if she didn’t even know English at all. “Diana, I can’t understand what you’re saying.” Yet she continued with her tongue. He shook his head and then stopped listening to his wife’s bickering and could hear someone’s heartbeat outside. As she was still complaining he ran to the balcony and looked for someone outside and he did find someone. A woman about 5’11 and wearing a dark hood to cover her face. He couldn’t really make out her face. Damn this magical island.

“Hey Di, someone is on the island,” he told her and she quietly stepped next to him. “Who is it? I see no one,” she squinted her eyes and didn’t see anybody out there. “She’s 5’11 and has a slim build.” She raised a brow and he didn’t notice. “Real observant Superman. That’s every Amazon on this island. It could be anyone! For all we know it could be Persephone or Phillipus or even Alexa.”

He thought and remembered something, “yeah too bad Phillipus is asleep and Persephone guards the front end of the palace, not the back of it. And Alexa stays in the room closest to the children.” He did make a convincing point. Diana left without telling him and she walked into Vasili’s room and he was sitting at his bay window with the curtains flowing in the heavy breeze. “Vasili, dear, what are you doing?” she closed his window and locked it shut. The curtains slowly returned to the wall and he kept staring outside at the trees whistling in the wind and the rain hitting the glass. “You need to go to bed, young one,” she sat next to him and crossed a leg over another.

“I was watching that,” he said and she smiled. “It’s about two in the morning and you want to sit and watch the rain? Go to bed mister,” she tapped his small nose and he giggled from her touch. She picked him up from his waist and tucked him in the bed. He cuddled next to his pillow and she was about to leave. “Wait mommy, don’t leave,” he grabbed her hand and she sighed and sat back down. “Yes?” Diana yawned and he sat up in his bed and let out a big sigh and she mimicked him. “You’re not funny, mommy,” he teased her and she gasped. “I’m not? Oh come on. I can be like Aunt Donna too,” she smiled. “Na uh, Aunt Donna is funny and you’re not,” he giggled, holding his hand over his mouth.

“Oh yeah!” Diana said and Vasili answered, “Yeah!” “Oh yeah?” Diana came closer to him and tickled his sides and he laughed. “Okay, okay stop please,” Vasili pleaded and Diana smiled and she stopped while he caught his breath. Vasili stopped after a few seconds and he started giggling again. Diana was confused, “what’s so funny now?” “Baby Jon is kicking you I see him!” he pointed to his x-ray eyes. Diana rolled her eyes as she was jealous all her children and husband could see the baby and she couldn’t. His face turned from a happy expression to a sad face. “I heard you and daddy talking outside about my brother. Is he really going to die?”

Oh great, Diana thought. Another child for her to worry about. First it was Lara now it’s Vasili. Her heart ached that her young child would ask her such a thing like that. “No he’s not. He’s fine,” she reassured him and in came Artemis from down the hall. She interrupted them, “excuse me your highness, prince Vasili,” she bowed her head to them; “Kal-El wishes to see you. It is important.”

“What is it?” Diana didn’t move from her spot. “He will not tell me your highness,” Diana got up and kissed her son on his forehead and told him to go to bed as she shut the door. “What does that man of mine want now?” they were heard in the hallway by her children listening at their doors. “I do not know. He suspected to see a woman that does not belong here on royal grounds and I was told to find you.” “Of course he would want to see me,” she walked with Artemis to the main room to find Kal, still looking out on the balcony.

“You sent for me?” Diana sarcastically said as she stood next to him on the balcony. “Yeah,” his words were short. “Well?” Diana waited. “What is it you want?” “Go to bed, Diana,” he looked harder and then he left the balcony. Artemis was standing on the side and Diana turned to look at her dear friend. Artemis shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “See to it that I will not be bothered anymore this evening,” Artemis interrupted, “it is early morning your highness.” “I don’t have time for your sarcasm, Artemis. I wish to not be bothered. Understood?” “Of course my Queen,” she smiled as she bowed her head. She heard Diana mumbling the Grecian language as she walked back to her bedroom.

At last there was silence and her window was open and it wasn’t open before. She closed her window and locked it tight. Since her mother was gone she had the liberty to install glass windows instead of having just curtains to cover the bedrooms. She lay down in her bed, alone and the lightning created odd shadows in the room. The thunder was very loud and Diana turned on her side and closed her eyes, trying to ignore the aggressive kidney shots she was receiving from her son. A few minutes into her sleep Diana calmed down and suddenly she felt cold hands on arm and her eyes shot wide open but her mouth was covered by a blanket. The stranger turned her over and it was a rather pale looking woman judging by her hands. Diana was screaming through her sheets and her hands weren’t free as they were being held by the stranger. She is much weaker than she usually is when she carries a child. Diana studied the person harder as the lightning struck her face and it was the daughter of Artemis; Zosima.

Zosima tied Diana’s hands together with a lasso she stole from Princess Donna. Her mouth was free, “How dare you come in here! Who do you think you are! What have I done to you?”

“It isn’t you who I despise,” she paused and took her hood off and Diana raised an eyebrow. “Then who is it? My husband? Your mother, Artemis?”

“She isn’t my mother!” Zosima yelled and got in Diana’s face. “Get out of my face,” Diana commanded and Zoe backed away. She then started laughing, “as if you can defend yourself in your condition!” Diana frowned, “what do you want? Obviously you aren’t kidnapping me so what are you doing? It is bad enough you have trespassed on my territory, but to come into my quarters? What a foolish woman you are. You shall be punished.”

“Oh stop,” she rolled her eyes, “you aren’t Hippolyta. Those dark ages are over. What are you going to do? Spear my body until I bleed? Aren’t we a bit too old for those kinds of games?” she nodded her head in rude sarcasm. Diana tried to move, but Zosima placed her hand over Diana’s legs. “You are a very horrible thief,” she encountered. “Tell me what you want.”

Zosima raised her eyebrows and came closer to Diana’s face and she made a face of disgust. “It isn’t you I want, Queen Diana.” Diana was confused and she persisted Zosima to go on. “It is your god-forsaken child within you I want!”

Diana gasped, “Why?” is all she could say.

“He shouldn’t be born. That child is nothing but a curse from Hades himself. He doesn’t deserve to live! And I should put a stop to his birth right now!” she pulled a knife from her sleeve and Diana’s eyes grew large. Foolishly Zosima didn’t tie Diana’s legs and she kicked her off the bed before she could do anything. Diana stood up and wiggled her hands from the lasso. Zosima groaned from her hard hit on the ground and she was on her knees, holding her head. Diana quickly left her room and ran to find someone and Artemis was just going outside to patrol when she saw Diana panicking.

“My Queen, what brings you out here? Why are you out of breath?” she held Diana’s arms and the Queen was still catching her breath.

“Zosima is in my room! She almost murdered me!” she pointed down the hall and Zoe came out of the room looking both ways and she saw Diana at the end of the hall with Artemis, her mother. Kal arrived and picked up Diana and he flew off somewhere else. She started to cry, “why me?” Diana kept saying and he frowned. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Oh that Spaceman, he took her!” Zosima huffed and Artemis folded her arms. “Mind telling me what brings you here?” Artemis asked her.

Aj, Ella and Vasili came out of their bedrooms to see what was going on. They all stood in a line, rubbing their eyes and saw Artemis with a woman that looked identical to her. Zosima gasped, “she has more of those brats she calls children?”

Aj was very confused, “who are you?” he pointed to her and Artemis told the children, “go to Lara’s room, young ones.” They all ran to Lara’s room and shut the door.

In Lara’s room they shut the door and locked it and jumped on the bed. Thomas and Lara woke up to three little kids on their bed. “Wha? What are you guys doing in here?” Lara rubbed her eyes.

“Artemis told us to come in here. There’s a mean lady outside trying to kill mommy,” Ella told her and Lara jumped up when she heard two people talking outside her bedroom. Thomas shook his head, “can’t you guys ever have a peaceful sleep?” he joked and the children giggled.

Zoe approached Artemis with an evil glare on her face.

“You aren’t allowed here,” Artemis said.

“I live on Themyscira don’t I?” she answered and kept walking towards her and came to a stop. They stared at each other without moving a muscle.

“The Queen’s quarters are not to be disturbed on her authority and you entered without permission. You criminal!”

“You call me a criminal? I was only going to have a talk with her. That’s all”

“She told me you were going to murder her. I believe her words over yours any day, Zosima.” She glared harder.

Zosima scoffed and folded her arms, “your Queen, is horrible at her job!”

Artemis felt her blood boiling within her skin, “you have no right to say such things.”

“I was alive and well when Hippolyta was Queen and sure did a hell of a lot better job than Diana ever will. “

“Some of the things Hippolyta did,” she felt sorrowful when she spoke of her name. She was after all her best friend. “Were not meant to be. Some of her decisions were wrong in the past such as attacking Washington DC.”

“If I do recall that war it was Circe that was behind the whole thing.” She interrupted.

“And the Bana as well,” Artemis scowled.

“What am I standing here for talking to you? I should be talking to Diana!” Zosima pulled out her sword and Artemis clashed her sword with hers.

“I see Antiope has raised you well,” Artemis pushed her sword away from her and kicked her across the floor.

Zosima got up and rubbed her arm. “You lie to yourself, Artemis.”

“Me? I don’t think so,” they circled around each other slowly.

Aj listened at the door with his ear pressed against it. “Artemis and that lady are fighting I hear them.”

Lara picked her brother up and set him down on the bed. Idella was sleeping next to Thomas and Vasili was at Lara’s mirror studying her makeup. Lara looked through her wall and saw the two women battling it out. She gasped and sat down on her bed. “What’s wrong Lara?” Thomas asked and she shook her head and said nothing.

“You –are a very –good sword fighter!” Artemis tried to hold off the clash of the sword coming towards her face. Zosima smiled evilly.

“Why thank you,” she pulled closer to her and knocked Artemis’s sword away from her. Now she was on the ground and Zosima was on top of her still smiling.

Artemis prayed to the Goddesses that she would die a painless death.

“I have you to thank for my battle skills, mother,” Zosima said as she lifted her sword above her and she strikes it down to Artemis’s face. Artemis closed her eyes but felt nothing and heard the cling of the blade hit the tile. She opened her eyes and saw Donna holding the redhead intruder by her hair.

Donna had her tied up with Diana’s lasso and she held her own blade up to her throat. “How’s this for your battle skills Zosima? Epic fail. Tisk tisk.” She shook her head.

Guards came in and Donna threw Zosima on the floor and she groaned as her body crashed to the tile. The Amazons took her away back to her city of Mighdall. Artemis was helped up by Princess Donna.

“Wait,” Artemis told the guards to halt. Zosima had bruises on the side of her cheek and Artemis came up to her. “You don’t deserve to go back to the Bana,” she shook her head and Zosima’s eyes had fear in them.

“Somebody’s in trouble,” Donna said and the guards looked at her and rolled their eyes at the Princess’s immaturity.

“So where shall –”

Zosima was interrupted by Artemis shushing her with her finger. “You are exiled from this island. You shall pack your belongings and travel back to your native –Egypt.”

“You do not have the power to deport me. Only the Queen does and that would be Diana.”

“I am sure the Queen will agree with me and I am one of her Generals. When she is not at her throne I am in control and what I say, goes!” she yelled in her face and Zoe raised an eyebrow.

“Now,” Artemis stood tall, “take her out of my sight.” They began walking away with the exiled Amazon. “Oh and one more thing.” Artemis added, “Find the Queen.” The guards nodded their heads.

On the beach on the island, Diana resides with her husband. “Shouldn’t you be defeating Zosima? I mean she did try to kill our child.” Diana had her arms hooked with Kal’s and he rubbed her arm. “Artemis handled it well.” He smiled.

“She did?” Diana kept walking on the sand and he nodded his head. “She did. Don’t worry about it.” Diana bent over to pick up a starfish lying in the damp sand.

“Look, a starfish,” she smiled and he looked at the star shaped creature in her hands. She threw it back into the ocean. She stroked the baby within her and Kal looked at his wife. “If only he knew what kind of danger he was in a few minutes ago.”

Diana looked up and saw her sister flying in the air and her gown was swaying in the soft breeze. “My sister,” she pointed in the sky and Kal turned and saw her in the sky. Donna spotted them in the dark and she flew over to the beach and landed.

“Artemis ordered that I’d find you,” she told them and Diana smiled. “Thank you Donna. Be sure to tell her that I am well and safe with Kal.” “Yessir,” she joked and saluted. Diana raised her eyebrow. “I mean your highness,” she smiled with a cheesy grin. “Oh Donna,” as soon was Donna was about to lift in the air. “You look better without that makeup on,” she smiled. Donna was confused, “uh, thanks?” she took off in the air back to the palace.

Kal and Diana returned around three in the morning and finally the children were sleeping, but they were sleeping in Lara’s bed. Kal took all three of them and put them in their rooms and they slept. Diana waited for him to return to her and at last it was peaceful.

A month later, Diana’s accusations were still on the fence about Hippolyta’s body. Phillipus was able to convince the Queen that Hippolyta’s body was the original body. Her thoughts were cluttered by Zosima’s evilness on the island and her technology that raised the insanity out of people on the island. The Bana Amazons relied on technology as the Themyscirans did not. Even though the Bana was welcomed back on the island, some still did not trust Diana or the deceased Hippolyta. Hippolyta granted the Bana to rejoin and some of the Amazons now work in the palace with the rest of the other servants. The other Amazons that did not fully commit reside on their own village that they renamed, Bana Mighdall just as they did in Egypt.

Life for Zosima was miserable as she was stared down upon since she was not Arabic as she lived in Egypt. Most of the men there thought she was a prostitute and some wanted to trade her for money. That plan didn’t go over too well as she defended herself. A lot of people in her town were afraid of her because of her viciousness. She had never seen some of the technology that was in Egypt before and she hadn’t grown accustom to it quite yet. Perhaps her life in Egypt will do her good.

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